Getting Performance Ready

Hopefully we all have experienced the great feeling of playing a rhythm really well while nailing all the breaks. It most likely provided great joy and satisfaction with big smiles all around….

Over the past 2 years we have explored our potential as a band and we can be very proud of our development so far.

Community Group Vibe

I think we all agree on that we are a community drumming group open for everyone who wants to play Samba. We value this strong community vibe and want to keep it very much alive with performances throughout the year where all members are included.

High Exposure and Paid Gigs

There will also be gigs with higher exposure and/or paid gigs that require a standard of playing that meets the expectations of the people that book us. This means that the all the rhythms, including the breaks, are played tight and accurate with the right feel.

“Performance Ready” process.

This brings us to the introduction of the “Performance Ready” process. We want to offer a fair and transparent process resulting in constructive and helpful feedback to get as many players as possible to this performance ready level.

We realise that from the start of our group most members haven’t had a lot of personal feedback on their playing. This is an important step in improving the playing and providing pathways for getting better. With the new process everyone will have the opportunity to receive this personal feedback on their playing to find out where they are now and what can be developed.

We will start having Performance Ready Meetings in 10 weeks time on Sunday afternoons at Phil’s place. We will set up a small samba band with all the sections covered except the player’s part. It will be very relaxed and mostly driven from the player’s wishes and needs. Anyone who has been to practices at Phil’s place sort of knows what to expect.

To facilitate this there are additional practices available during these 10 weeks. On Sunday afternoons, 3pm onwards at Phil’s and Monday nights, 8pm at Rinie’s Place. These practices are open for everyone that wants to practice have feedback or wants to revise stuff.

New players

Players who may have recently joined the band, note that there’s no pressure on you to have a performance ready meeting within a specified time period. You can develop at your own pace and have the meeting when you think you are ready.

Document prepared by Rinie Copplemans. Framework of the above created out of discussions with the committee, Rinie, Phil Solomon & Murray Tonks.