On Saturday 24th February 2024, Bay Batucada celebrated its 10th anniversary with BAY BLOCO, a samba extravaganza, at the Napier Soundshell.

Friends from all over New Zealand came and performed to help us celebrate this milestone.



Waitangi Day 2024

Bay Batucada

Bay Batucada started from very humble beginnings in 2014 to become a well-established community music group today, with over 50 members.

To celebrate our 10th birthday, we're hosting this anniversary event: BAY BLOCO.

We want to celebrate this milestone by inviting our friends to perform with us. It's our way of saying thank you to the Hawke's Bay community that has supported Bay Batucada for the past decade. After these past years, we all need some cheer!

Interested in joining us? Click here to find out about our next Beginners' Workshop.


Sambatron promo


Formed in 2013, Sambatron can only be described as a group of people from the Waikato who love to learn and share samba music within our community. As a community samba band, we've taken on many forms over the years and shared many styles of samba percussion including Rio-style, samba reggae, funk and afoxe. We think the more the merrier, so you'll often see us play with our neighbours from across the Kaimais, Tauranga Samba!

Elegancia promo photo

Elegancia Samba carnival dancers

Elegancia introduces Rio Carioca samba through our vibrant dance performance specifically focused on solo improvisation, musicality and the gorgeous costumes.

We share the joy of samba bringing a burst of passion, colors, rhythm and smiles!

Samba ao Vento promo

Samba ao Vento

Like the region's famous westerly wind, the powerful Brazilian rhythms of Manawatu-based percussion group Samba ao Vento will knock you off your feet. The group’s name translates as 'Samba on the Wind', and like being in a category 5 storm, once they get going, you won't be able to stand still!

Wellington Batucada promo

Wellington Batucada

Wellington Batucada is a community-based percussion group which brings the flamboyant world of samba from Brazil to Wellington. Originally formed in November 2001, Wellington Batucada showcases the authentic samba sound of Brazilian rhythms including samba batucada, afoxé, samba reggae, samba funk and many others. New rhythms and musical fusions are being explored and developed to reflect the wider cultural influences here in New Zealand, and to create a form of live dance music that’s uniquely ours.

We are an all-inclusive group – anyone can join regardless of experience or ability.