Join the Performance Group

There are three levels in the band:

  • Beginners are new to the band, taking part in the Beginners’ Workshop
  • Regular Members practice on Wednesday nights and can play in the All-Band gigs
  • Performance Group players practice on Sunday nights and play at our paid gigs

How do I advance to Performance Group?

Do you know the material?

You will need to know all the patterns and breaks of the pieces we play at the Wednesday practice.

Check out our Arrangements and Breaks page to support your learning. (Login required)

Can you play your instrument by yourself?

You need to be able to carry your own section. That means, you must be able to play well by yourself in your section, understand the hand signals by the Musical Director, and not just following someone else.

Request an audition

  • At any time, a regular member can audition for the Performance Group. Talk to Rinie to get this started.
  • Your audition will take place on Sunday afternoon, 30 minutes before the practice.
  • You will audition in a small group; there will only be one player per instrument section.
  • The Musical Director will give you feedback on what’s up to standard and anything that needs improvement.
  • You will learn if you have made it to Performance Group, or if you need more time.
  • We will always give you feedback about your playing in a very caring and supportive way.

Performance Group Members

The process applies to anyone in the regular Wednesday group who wants to be part of the Performance Group. Also, current Performance group members who don’t meet the standards for whatever reason, e.g. low attendance or lack of development, may be asked to re-audition.

Changing instruments

You may want to move to another instrument. In this case, you will need to be assessed as Performance Group ready for that particular instrument. If you are already playing another instrument at gigs, you will continue to play your current instrument until you’ve been assessed for the new instrument.